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Mavericks Netball Club, as a member of the Sandringham District Netball Association supports the Netball Australia National Codes of Behaviour.

Netball Australia outlines behaviours that are expected of every person involved in netball: spectators, players, parents/guardians, officials, administrators, coaches.  You are expected to adhere to the Netball Victoria Code of Conduct detailed herein. Not adhering to the Netball Australia Code of Conduct puts our players and the Mavericks Netball Club at risk and can also result in disciplinary action (detail also within the Netball Australia Code of Conduct).

As a result, we have prepared Code of Conduct for players, team managers, coaches/officials and parents, which we ask all players, parents, coaches and team managers to read and sign at the beginning of the season.

  • Player Code of Conduct

  • Parent Code of Conduct

  • Team Manager Code of Conduct

Mavericks welcomes  new players
across all age groups.

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